About Kristine

I live with my husband and two children in Mount Airy, Maryland.  I love hiking, canoeing, and playing board games with my friends and family.  I have always enjoyed teaching in general so it just made sense to become a birth educator after I began learning about birth during my first pregnancy.  I also needed an outlet for all my birth positivity!

My Passion

I have learned first-hand how empowering and even fun labor and birth can be.  I said many times after giving birth to my first, “I want every woman to feel the way I feel right now!”  It is every woman’s right to be respected and supported in labor and it is a realistic goal to desire a natural, physiological birth.  Even if “natural” is not your thing, learning how to keep yourself low-risk, learning about the process of labor and standard procedures, and choosing a care provider who is supportive and respectful will help you have a more satisfying experience.  Childbirth is a peak life event for a woman, one that will impact her body, her self esteem, and her parenting for years to come.

While not everyone has a partner, my classes are designed specifically for couples.  Even if your birth partner is your mom, friend or sister, taking classes with someone who you trust and who is ready to support you no matter what is going to help you feel more prepared. I love teaching partners how to tune-in to their birthing person’s needs and laughing together as we practice labor positions and comfort techniques.  Classes are as much for dads as they are for moms.

Whatever kind of birth you are hoping for, it is my honor to be a part of your support team. I genuinely care about everyone I teach and I look forward to meeting every new student!  I also love hearing birth stories and seeing your newborn photos so bring them on!