This 10 session class is your complete preparation for birth. Learn how to stay healthy and low-risk, how to choose your birth team, the ins and outs of labor, comfort measures and relaxation techniques and so much more. Includes 25 hours in-person instruction, access to breastfeeding instructional videos for 1 year and a student workbook.

Homebirth & Birth Center

Designed for parents planning to give birth at home or in a free-standing birth center, this class is all about midwifery care, natural pain coping techniques and the physiological process of labor. Includes breastfeeding instructional videos available to you for 1 year and a student workbook. This is a 6 session class.

Reboot Refresher

Get your head back in the game with this 4 hour workshop for couples who have taken a class previously and need a refresher. Typically taught as a private class in one day, it's a great way to get on the same page with your partner and feel prepared for labor again.

Frequently Asked Questions

I teach classes from my home in Mount Airy, MD.  I am locatd right off Route 27, just minutes away from I-70.  I am also availabe for private classes in your home within my service area

Physiologic birth is the natural process of labor unaltered by medical procedures or interventions.  The woman’s body maintains control of the process.

No, I am not a doula or a midwife.  I am not present with a woman in labor.  I can, however, refer you to some excellent doulas and midwives in the area!

Because not everyone is partnered, it is not necessary to have a birth partner to benefit from a childbirth class.  Some people bring a close friend or family member to support them during birth in lieu of a partner and this person is encouraged to take part in class for some, if not all sessions.

Many second time parents realize after their first birth that they weren’t as prepared as they thought they were.  Some people have specific goals in mind for the second birth like VBAC or unmedicated.  Sometimes we just need a refresher! These are all great reasons to take a class.

Even if you have a planned Cesarean Section, you can still benefit from learning about nutrition and exercise during pregnancy, tests and procedures, newborn care, breastfeeding, and gentle cesarean practices.  An amazing birth is one that YOU feel great about, however it comes to be! My classes help you plan for an amazing birth.